Class RjgodoyProvider

  extended by java.util.Dictionary<K,V>
      extended by java.util.Hashtable<Object,Object>
          extended by java.util.Properties
              extended by
                  extended by org.random.rjgodoy.trng.RjgodoyProvider
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Map<Object,Object>

public final class RjgodoyProvider
extends Provider implementating client for TRNG from Mads Haahr and at Ruder Boskovic Institute

This provider defines the SecureRandom service MH_TRNG.

Javier Godoy
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Serialized Form

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Constructor Summary
          Initializes an instance of RjgodoyProvider
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Constructor Detail


public RjgodoyProvider()
Initializes an instance of RjgodoyProvider

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